MLB Organizations Embracing Social Media, but Not to Its Fullest!

So it has been a month and a half since the baseball season has started and I have enjoyed most of it so far. There has been two no-hitters, a four homer game but my local team happens to be the worst team in baseball, record-wise. I believe there no better sport (Although my favorite team to follow is not a baseball team).

My new favorite thing this season has been to follow MLB teams and journalists on Twitter. There are certain journalists and teams that report the facts to their followers, like who is playing and what the final score was. Others I have found go the extra step by letting you know what is going on during the games, when the last time a certain accomplishment was made by that player or team and giving their personal commentary. Those are the teams and journalists I follow. Its the same reason why great radio commentators are celebrated by the fans that follow that team, i.e. Bob Uecker, Jack Buck, Harry Carey. They have a charisma that shines through their colorful words and describes each bit of the game in progress. I think it is key for journalist and MLB Social Account Managers to put a little personality behind their words to engage follower response.

In following  twitter, I find it interesting that the local semi-pro team, The St. Paul Saints, have done better, in my opinion, than the big league Twins. I think its for a very simple reason. They are having more fun with their followers and with social media.

Judge for yourself! Follow them at @Twins and @StPaulSaints

One thought on “MLB Organizations Embracing Social Media, but Not to Its Fullest!

  1. Sorry I’m just getting around to reading this now Jason. I definitely agree that the official @Twins is not as good as @StPaulSaints, but I love the extra color that associated accounts can add to a big league team. @Twins_morsecode is run by Dustin Morse, who works for Twins Communications, and he add all those “Kurkjian” type facts during games, @TwinsPrez (Dave St. Peter’s account) actually responds to many fan questions, @TCGroundsCrew keeps fans updated on the field conditions and their newest projects and even occasionally answers questions from the amateur groundskeeper. So i would say that @Twins needs to do a better job of retweeting the great things from their associated accounts or letting people know about them to get the full Twins experience before, during, and after games.

    Good job on the blog man, I’ll try to stay more up to date and keep in touch.

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