Facebook: Does Limited Reach Mean Limited Value

So for the past couple months I have noticed that my Facebook reach has been extremely small compared what I had previously built it up to be. I had seen my clients page have posts reach anywhere from 20-30% with a weekly reach of over 25,000. I even had a poll reach over 9000 people in less than a week. But, since August it has dramatically decreased to 10-15% and the average reach per post around 250 people. I thought to myself, “Am I doing something wrong? Have I alienated the Fan Base that has been growing consistently all summer?”  I had thought maybe Facebook had change how the our business page was reaching our fans, based on all the new opportunities they were giving me to “Promote Posts” and use “Facebook Ads”. They had even been sending me monthly coupons for $50 of Facebook advertising. This conundrum finally cleared after reading an article today from Dangerous Minds, “Facebook: I Want My Friends Back”. This article basically lays it out, that Facebook is trying to monetize how Business Pages can advertise. You can max out your reach of Fans that have “liked” your page to 15-20% and to reach the other 80% with a post, you will need to purchase advertising from Facebook for that additional reach. This article gives a good back and forth on why Facebook would do this and how it makes it difficult on small businesses. In an age where so many small businesses have embraced Facebook as alternative space to a full website, it may have alienated its biggest group of expanding users. I have seen small businesses grow exponentially by building a fan base on Facebook and reinforcing its brand in other spaces like Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, and traditional marketing. Needless to say, facebook understands many business have become reliant on using their platform as their main marketing tool. But, this just becomes one more wrench thrown at Social Media Professional and giving businesses owners another excuse to ask, “Why would I invest my budget in Social Media Marketing?” rather than, “How do I invest marketing resources in Social Media?”

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