The Power of Social Media: Activate Donald Driver Campaign

So last week, I witnessed and was part of a movement on Facebook that was incredible to see.

For those of you not familiar, Donald Driver is a Wide Receiver for the NFL team Green Bay Packers. He has recently become more of a household name after winning the Dancing with the Stars Competition in 2012. Later in the 2012 regular season for the Green Bay Packers, Donald saw his playing time limited and was even removed from the active roster for a few weeks. For a lot of Packer Fans, seeing the leading receiver in Packer’s History sit on the sidelines in civilian clothing was too much.

After seeing a lot of Donald Driver standing in street clothes during the Packers playoff game versus the Minnesota Vikings, a Fan developed a page to help get the packers head coach to “Activate Donald Driver” for their next playoff game. So a campaign was born with the main catalyst being a Facebook page,

This page was created on January 6th, 2013; the day after the Packers playoff game versus the Vikings. They received recognition from local and national press for their efforts as the story grew and rumors of Donald asking to play Special Teams were being tossed around social media. Within 4 days they reached 20,000 likes! And by game time Saturday night, they reached over 45,000 Likes and confirmation that Donald Driver would be on the active roster for their playoff game versus the San Francisco 49ers.

The Packer Community is strong on Facebook. The Green Bay Packers Official Page has almost 3.5 Million Likes with a number of other official and unofficial pages. But I believe the true story here is how the Packer Community rallied around a man who is arguably one of the most beloved athletes and even human beings within Green Bay and Packer Nation. He has not only given so much on the field, but even more off it and his fans returned the favor with this campaign.

I have reached out to the Page owner to review some of the stats and I will update this post or add a part two if I am able to provide some details and insights from that conversation.

On a personal note, if this past weekend’s game was the last for Donald Driver, it was great to see him suit up in the Green and Gold one more time.


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