Welcome to the Neighborhood: Dangerous Man Brewery


Last night, my friends and I made a night of new experiences. We chose a new restaurant that none of us add been to and decided to finish the night by checking out the newest local taproom, Dangerous Man Brewing in NE Minneapolis.

Dangerous Man Brewing has been a work in progress for over a year and a half (based on the start of their blog). This new establishment and others around the Twin Cities have been a result of the state passing the Pint Law.  This law allowed for the on premise sale of beer by local brewers. This was a piece of legislation that encouraged fledgling brewers to develop a business plan that could see a quicker return on investment for craft breweries. This has been consistently positive for growing local economies. In the past 12 months, we have seen breweries such as Boom Island, Indeed, Badger Hill, Lucid, Excelsior, Steel Toe and Pour Decisions open their doors. Some breweries have placed an emphasis on getting their brew out in the market via liquor stores and bars, but others have embraced this new law by emphasizing building community via a taproom. The Taproom has helped get their beer exposed directly to the consumer with great results. The Best example of this has been Indeed Brewing, another NE Minneapolis Brewery.

After witnessing the overwhelming response to the newest taproom in Northeast, Dangerous Man Brewing is of to a great start! With a great space and awesome design by Rogue Arc, they have developed another destination taproom and those within the Twin Cities beer culture seem to have already embraced it. The greatest evidence of that is by the time we left, it was elbow to elbow and there were no more growlers available for sale!

I believe a lot of this early success has to do with their willingness to embrace social media and discuss their efforts with traditional news outlets. There have been 6 articles that included Dangerous Man Brewery in the last 10 days (google search “News for Dangerous Man Brewery”). They developed a blog chronicling the development of their taproom and have gained over 3,000 likes in just under 1 year. They also frequented the local beer festivals like the Mankato Craft Beer Expo. Overall, Social Media can become a great tool to develop a fan base before you even have your product out to market.


On tap this  weekend were six beers. These included an American Rye Pale Ale, Matchbox Coffee Shop Porter, Belgian G
olden Strong Ale, Red Cream Ale, IPA, and Chocolate Milk Stout. Of those I was able to try the latter three, While I enjoyed all three, my friend and I found the Chocolate Milk Stout to be amazing. Great aroma, head and taste. Great in this situation to cap off an evening after dinner. When it came time to cut off the beer intake, they even had homemade sodas available. Plus, they expressed their encouragement to order from local food shops around the corner, like Element Pizza. I loved the overall atmosphere of this taproom. The industrial tall chairs and tables reminded me of my architectural drafting days. The long table as you entered added a German beer hall feel. But, With local tunes of P.O.S. and Doomtree pumping over the speakers and Gopher/Wild Hockey on the only TV in the place, you were reminded, you are still in MPLS.

With a commitment to high-quality, small batch brewing and a great taproom atmosphere, it is safe to say I will be back.

You can find Dangerous Man Brewery on Facebook or on their website. Taproom is only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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