Why Facebook’s change to its Promotions Policy is a HUGE deal… to me!

This week, Facebook has decided to FINALLY loosen their promotions policy to make it easier for small business owners to run promotions on their Facebook Business Pages. The reason why this is so important is simple, I no longer have to feel like an idiot when I tell a client “We can’t offer entries into a promotion for likes on your page”. Every single time I would say this, they would look at me funny and say, “everyone else is doing it and it seems to work, why can’t we?”. My main clients at this time were insurance professionals, so I would say to them,”I don’t feel comfortable suggesting a strategy that maximizes your risks on Facebook, to someone whose job it is to minimize risk for their clients.” my short answer was always that it is (was) against Facebook policy and could be grounds for your page to be removed. I had this discussion with so many of my peers on whether you suggest running a promotion for Likes or follow the policies as they are written. Now there are only a few small restrictions and those are more common sense than anything else.

Highlights of the new Promotions Policy:

  • promotions can be run on a Business page timeline or post; they no longer have to be run on third-party apps (however they still can be if you prefer those tools);
  • you can now use Facebook features to gain entry, such as “like our page”, “comment on this photo” or “message us with your email”; however,
  • you cannot ask participants to Tag friends in order to enter or run the promotion on your personal profile. Pages only.

Companies such as Woobox and Heyo have made a market for third-party apps that administered promotions according to Facebook’s previous policy. I think it was only smart of Facebook to make this change for two reasons:

  1. there was no logistical way to enforce the old policy and
  2. they now put the power of the promotion strategy back within the premiere functions of Facebook.

This makes a much easier, therefore better, user experience for both the consumer and business. Below is the link to the new Promotions Policy and the announcement. Please feel free to check it out and let us know if you would like help with your next promotional campaign on Facebook.



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