My Superbowl XLVIII Top 5

by: Jason Schober

First off, I would love to say that this Superbowl was not as exciting as last year’s Superbowl. So most of on the fun came from watching commercials, viewing comments on Twitter, and food with family and friends. Here are my Top 5s.

Top 5 Commercials

“Puppy Love” Budweiser (Saw this before the game and knew it would be a fan favorite)

“A Hero’s Welcome” Budweiser (This should be commonplace, and it’s not. That is what makes it special)

“Life” Chevrolet #purpleroads (Dealing with my wife’s cancer diagnosis this year, this one hit home)

“Going All the Way” Coca-Cola (This also hit home as a huge Packer fan)

“The Phone Call” RadioShack (Great way to bring in cameos and poke fun at your own stale image”

Top 5 Tweets #Superbowl

Most of these are in response to how badly the Broncos were getting beat.

This kid couldn’t handle it anymore.


This guy took to Photoshop to express how badly the Broncos were playing


Here is one offer of explanation to what was happening.


Local Minneapolis Ad Agency gave a “The Onion” style solution, even if Joe Namath is an easy target to pick on.


But you know things really got bad when a politician starts comparing your team to the Vikings.


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