What is New? Social Media Updates


News Feed Algorithm Change – So the major change came in December, when Facebook decided to limit the amount of Page Fans that could see your content. Previous average was around 15% and now after a few months, certain studies have shown continuous decrease in organic reach down to 6%. What does this mean? You need to used paid adds to ensure your important content is reaching all of your audience.

Change to News Feed Change – After realizing this sharp decline and uproar from social media marketers, Facebook decided to add a “but if” feature. Basically the algorithm will stay the same, “but if” you post content with another page tagged, you will show in the feed of that Pages fans. This was added just a few weeks ago, so there has not been enough evidence to support how effective this is yet. In my own personal use of this strategy, I have seen better than normal organic reach numbers. Those numbers will vary depending on the size of the community for the FB Page you tagged.

Page Post Author Feature – This is a nifty little feature that will help organizations with multiple content contributors, know exactly who is posting what to their FB Pages. This can also help identify who the true social media marketers are in your organization.screenshot_postauthor


Activity Feed is Removed from Profiles –  If you are not an active LinkedIn user, you may not have noticed this. But for me, this was an amazing feature. LinkedIn was responding to being the “Non-Social Social Network” with having smaller engagement numbers than Facebook and Twitter. Both of with have a history of content posted from a user listed on their profile. This was a feature that I used on a daily basis for networking and lead generation, but will rely on activity feeds on Company Pages instead. Being able to see content (without it being posted within the last hour) that a connection had posted, I can make a comment or InMail them with reference to something they recently had interest in. By eliminating this feature, users will have to resort back to the “what is new?” correspondence. If LinkedIn is smart, they will bring this feature back.

LinkedIn Intro Email Integration Discontinued – This was a email integration with Gmail that would pull in LinkedIn profiles to your email contacts if the email recipient you were emailing had that email address within their LinkedIn profile. This was rarely used and rarely talked about. Great idea in concept, but little user adoption and not worth reconsidering.


Twitter Emphasizes Photos – After their re-design late last year (adding more focus to profile images/backgrounds), Twitter made a conscious effort to make photo sharing easier to view through their activity feed. It has proven effective as Buffer has documented a 150% increase in retweet of content with images vs those without images prior to the change.

Tailored Audiences for Advertisers – Trying to catch up to Facebook’s advertising platform, Twitter added a feature allowing advertisers to target twitter users that have recently visited their website. A create feature that has work wonders on Facebook, now available to real-time marketing on Twitter.

*Stay Tuned, as there have been releases of a new Twitter Profile design that looks awfully like Facebook… at this point they are still testing. (via mashable)

twitter redesign

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