LinkedIn Update: Mobile App Edition

LinkedIn has recently released a few new and updated version of their mobile apps.

LinkedIn Jobs Search App – Introduce in mid-June this app was developed with the key job search and application features that are currently on the web version of LinkedIn. Their one-step apply button was a key feature that migrated over, along with saved searches, discover, track and notifications based on searches and applications. With social channels seeing users increase their viewing on mobile, it was smart for LinkedIn to create a simple app to search, navigate and apply through all the jobs posted on their platform. They have taken a clear advantage, over job  board Goliaths like Monster and CareerBuilder, with the most efficient mobile app for job applications.

For a full overview of the app, see this blog article we wrote for our client.

LinkedIn Contacts App is now LinkedIn Connected – Updated in early July, this app has some of the same features  as before but with a much simpler interface. It is still based on getting you to connect with your contacts as often as possible with work anniversary and birthday notifications. It also looks to expand your network through suggested connections based on shared connections. Unfortunately you can’t customize your message if you choose to connect with any of the suggestions and that is always preferred.

LinkedIn App Update – LinkedIn updated their mobile app this week with a new look to their profiles. Their goal is to highlight the key information likes shared connections, skills, education and current employment. This design should allow users to get the gist of what a professional is all about without scanning their entire profile.

“In particular, a lot of the company’s attention has been focused on mobile devices, following a surge of use. Three years ago, LinkedIn said, 8 percent of users were connecting with a mobile device. This year, it expects more than half will.” via C|NET

For more on this quote and the LinkedIn App redesign, check out the article from C|NET


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