At Sprightly Insight, we can offer many services within our core competencies of Social Media, Email and Copywriting.

Business Marketing Services:

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy Development
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Copywriting/Blog Writing
  5. Inbound Marketing Process Development
  6. Dedicated In-House Marketing Resources

Corporate Education Programs:

  1. Social Recruiting Best Practices
  2. Social Media as a Sales Funnel
  3. Personal Brand Building
  4. Creating a Corporate Content Army
  5. Social Media Training for SMS certification through NISM

Individual Professional Growth:

  1. Social Media Training for SMS certification through NISM
  2. Social Media as a Lead Generator (Sales and Recruiting)
  3. Using Social Media to find your next Job (Personal Branding)


Email Marketing | Social Media Customer Service
Social Media Marketing Strategy Development
User Engagement | Inbound Marketing
Content Creation | Branding and Identity

Customer Service is King:

In everything we do, we build a high-level of customer service so that expectations are known and results are delivered. We know that a happy client stays a client and will promote us to others. As an entrepreneurial group, we live by this motto.

You can contact Jason Schober, SMS at 612-643-1656 or at

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